With the growing importance of open data across the world, and the increasing awareness of their impact on the various fields of life such as services,economic, social and environmental fields, the National Centre for Statisticsand Information (NCSI) in collaboration with the Information Technology Commission are organizing the National Open Data Symposium in 1-3 October 2018.

This national symposium comes within the framework of national efforts to expand the openness of data published by the various institutions of the state,especially the governmental units. Many of the government websites nowdays contain portars/windows for open data. However, this openness in the datamust be accompanied by mobility at the level of investment data available in the development of applications and software aiming at services and other fields, especially as the world is currently witnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They could be used also in studies and scientific research, or even in the improvement of various administrative procedures.

Hence, the National Data Open Symposium that is held under the auspices of H.H. Haitham bin Tariq Al Said (Minister of Heritage and Culture) aims at reviewing the best practice in the area of open data through international experience in the use of open data in a number of sectors such as education, health, labor market, transport, logistics, e nvironment and others. Thesymposium also aims at opening new horizons for partnership between the public and private sectors by casting light upon the official data that meet the needs of different private sector institutions. Making these data available, will contribute in improving the business environment, services and reducing the administrative procedures.

The contrary is also true with regard to the data available to private sector institutions, as making them available and open, will contribute to the enrichment of scientific development and research as well as enhancing the knowledge in general.

Symposium Objectives:

The scientific gathering scheduled in the form of a national Symposium about the open data, aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Highlighting upon the open data in terms of concept, importance, uses and implications on the Sultanate’s ranking in the system of international indicators.
  2. Identifying some successful international applications in the field of open data.
  3. Analyzing the Sultanate’s position in the open data and reaching agreements between public sector institutions concerned with databases that can be opened and made available to the public.
  4. Open a window of dialogue between the public sector and the private sector with regard to the type of open data required to promote and stimulate initiatives and technological innovations in various fields.


Those targeted by this Symposium and its activities are decision makers, public sector employees concerned with data, IT professionals in the private sector whether they are programmers, developers, employers, research and academic institutions, researchers, students and institutions sponsoring IT initiatives in the Sultanate.

Symposium Topics:

  1. Defining the Open Data.
  2. Benefiting from Open Data (Experiences) .
  3. Policies, frameworks and laws regulating the Open Data.
  4. Reinforcing applicable Databases by the National Centre for Statistics and Information with regard to the new databases that respond to the new developments.
  5. Assessing the current situation of open data in the Sultanate and the possibilities of development.
  6. Establishing Partnership between the public and private sectors to use the available data for an enhanced the business environment in Sultanate.

Symposium Agenda:

  • The first day is dedicated to the identification of open data, importance and uses.
  • The second day is dedicated to five workshops serving a total number of 150 participants from various governmental and private institutions concerned with this issue.
  • The final third day of the Symposium reviews the workshops and recommendations.

The list of speakers from inside and outside the Sultanate and abroad include a number of experts representing various governmental institutions and international organizations working in the field of open data, including:

  • The World Bank.
  • Open Data Institute.
  • Gartner, Inc.
  • GCC stat