The teams emanating from the main committee of the National Open Data Symposium of the National Centre for Statistics and Information continue to complete the tasks and missions entrusted to them. The scientific team have completed a large proportion of the tasks entrusted to them in accordance with the programme prepared for the arrangement of this symposium, including the selection of scientific paper lecturers in the symposium, selection of workshop lecturers and participants from the various governmental and private organizations and companies. The booklets of the symposium and the scientific materials to be distributed up on the participants were also prepared.

The technical team has designed earlier the Symposium Logo that copes with the symposium message and objectives. Work is underway for completing the design of symposium publications and flyers.

The Administrative and Financial team of the Main Committee of National Open Data Symposium Project continues to complete their work, including the assignment of technical and advertising works to private sector companies and other works.

Meanwhile, the adverting team of the main committee of the National Open Data Symposium Project, continues its missions. They finalized all arrangements with regard to selecting the private sector companies that will conduct the advertising activities during the symposium, as well as performing many other tasks within their assignment.

The technical team also finished their work in designing the symposium website which is proposed to be a part of the online portal of the National Centre for Statistics and Information. This website will cast light upon the Symposium activities. It will serve as a means of registration in the symposium workshops by the desired participants.